• New design trends in the lighting sector

    Touched by light: perfect lighting design

    „Leave a light on“: Belinda Carlisle’s popular song is more than 25 years old, but its message is not outdated. It is true – light gives us a sense of warmth, safety, being at home and part of a community; it represents life. New technologies and the public discourse on sustainability have raised the awareness of planners, designers, and consumers about the reasonable use of artificial light.

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  • Human centric lighting

    Human centric lighting: for increased quality of life

    Today, most people spend the major part of the day inside. This presents a challenge to the lighting industry, which has to develop lighting solutions that not only consider functionality and energy efficiency, but also take a third dimension into account: humans and their biological need for light.

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  • Smart home becomes a reality

    Smart home becomes reality: simple installation – intuitive handling

    Within the past two decades, virtually no other word has influenced the language of technology as strongly as the term “smart”. From smartphone to smart watch and smart grid – the field of smart technology is on everyone’s lips. After the smart meter, the smart home is now a major center of attention when it comes to building technology. Now more and more implementable solutions are ready to be put on the market and are being launched.

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  • New solutions and innovations in security and safety technology

    Connectivity and digitalization are trending

    The awareness for security requirements has increased both in domestic and non-domestic markets within the past few years. One indicator for this is the current turnover of the ZVEI’s safety, security, and defense division. In 2014, the demand for electronic security technology has increased a lot more than expected.

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