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2019-08-12 12:04 am

Additionally to it´s normal functions, the detector PD4-M-HCL can also control the light colour in the room if DALI luminaires with “Tunable White” function (Device Type 8) are connected.

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DALI occupancy detector with HCL function for biodynamic light

The PD4-M-HCL is the only DALI occupancy detector with integrated Tunable White function for Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Like other DALI occupancy detectors, the detector regulates various luminaire groups according to presence and daylight in order to increase comfort and energy efficiency. A unique feature is that the detector can also control the light colour in the room if DALI luminaires with “Tunable White” function (Device Type 8) are connected.

Pre-set application profiles can be selected to suit the use of the room. These profiles control the colour temperature and brightness of the room throughout the day. The change of the light colour from warm to cold white, as well as the change of the brightness align themselves with the biological rhythm of the human being. This happens very slowly and imperceptibly for the users. Such a biodynamic light demonstrably increases well-being and has positive effects on health. Good application possibilities can be found in offices and industry. This technology has also achieved positive results in schools and in the health sector. Especially in retirement homes, biodynamic light can support the inner clock and significantly improve the sleep quality of the residents.

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While other HCL controllers often require a complex building-wide control system, the B.E.G. detector works completely independently thanks to its real-time clock and integrated DALI controller. This allows each room to be configured individually. The detector supports up to 4 DALI lighting groups and 3 push-button inputs. With the bidirectional B.E.G. Smartphone app, the DALI luminaires can be grouped quickly and easily. The PD4-M-HCL is therefore ideal for retrofitting or renovation in buildings without a bus system. Thanks to a large detection range of 24m, it can easily be used for areas with up to 64 DALI luminaires. Slave devices for enlarging the detection range can easily be connected to the DALI line.

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LED panel light for biodynamic light

The “Tunable White” LED panel lights of the PL1 series from B.E.G. combine attractive design with the latest LED technology. The extremely flat housing is suitable for installation in module ceilings with low installation depth. The diffuser is uniformly illuminated and ensures pleasant light distribution in the room. The luminaires are also available with a microprismatic diffuser, which enables anti-glare of UGR<19. The high-quality and economical LEDs guarantee a service life of over 40,000 hours with a luminous efficacy of 3050 or 3550 lumens.

The luminaires are equipped with warm and daylight white LEDs, which can be controlled separately. The LED driver works according to the latest DALI Device Type 8 standard for Tunable White. This means that the luminaire can not only be dimmed, but the colour temperature can also be freely adjusted from warm (2,700 K) to daylight white (6,800 K).

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This makes these luminaires ideal for “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL). The luminaires can be easily controlled with the HCL occupancy detector PD4-M-HCL. However, they can also be controlled by other DALI-HCL systems that support Device Type 8. The PL1 LED panel lights are available in different versions. They are available with diffuser or microprismatics, for grid dimensions 600x600mm and 625x625mm, as well as for long field ceilings with grid dimensions 300x1200mm and 312.5x1250mm. B.E.G. offers the luminaires in the frame colours white and aluminium. This means that these LED panel luminaires can be perfectly fitted into many ceiling systems.


Product overview


product picture B.E.G. Part number type description range diagramm EAN
93006 PD4-M-HCL-DE Ceiling mounting


93007 PD4-M-HCL-AP Surface Mounting 4007529930074
93681 PL1-625-LED-DALI-TW-S Silver   4007529936816
93094 PL1-625-LED-AG-DALI-TW White   4007529930944
93151 PL1-600-LED-AG-DALI-TW-S Silver   4007529931514
93084 PL1-600-LED-AG-DALI-TW White   4007529930845
93077 PL1-31125-LED-AG-DALI-TW White   4007529930777
93066 PL1-30120-LED-AG-DALI-TW White   4007529930661

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