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2020-12-07 12:01 am

Programming and calibrating B.E.G. products is now even easier: With the Bluetooth-infrared adapter your smartphone becomes a remote control for all B.E.G. products. It communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy and with the product via infrared.

  • Bluetooth-Infrarot-Adapter in Konferenzraum© B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH
  • 93067 BLE-IR-Adapter© B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH: 93067 BLE-IR-Adapter

Easy programming of B.E.G. products is made possible using the free B.E.G. App. The user-friendly navigation allows you to search for either the desired remote control or the product to be programmed. When a bidirectional product is read out, the matching remote control appears automatically. Values can also be stored in the adapter. These can then be used without a smartphone as quick programming of several B.E.G. products.

The battery of the BLE-IR adapter is charged simply by cable via a USB port. Like its predecessor, the new adapter enables a bi-directional communication method, in which not only values can be fed in, but also read out.

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