Since it was founded in 1827, the CIMCO-Werkzeugfabrik has been one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of tools for professional tradesmen.

The company, which has been passed on for 6 generations, CIMCO has been true to their philosophy: making tools that meet the highest requirements of professionals. This requires the use of the finest materials, expert manufacturing and testing, as well es constant adaptations to meet individual customer requirements and new technological challenges. This way, the once regionally active manufacturer of tongs has managed to become an internationally successful manufacturer and distributor of high-quality tools.

Due to close relationships with our customers and users, CIMCO-Werkzeugfabrik continually succeeds in positioning innovative tools of equally high quality in a comprehensive service package on the market in addition to the 8,000 articles permanently in stock.

The high quality standards which we have had for decades have been additionally underpinned with certification of the quality management system, which is based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, for many years now. Both the company’s own tools and those produced in co-operation with renowned German tool manufacturers have contributed to achieving a very high market share in the German electrical wholesale trade.

Through increased activities, the company has also succeeded in becoming a strong partner of the electrical wholesale trade in other European countries. Customer satisfaction will continue to be the highest priority for CIMCO-Werkzeugfabrik and CIMCO-International.