Everything in view with the Cable Scout Cam inspection camera from HellermannTyton

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2021-01-25 12:01 am

Fault in the wiring? Visually inspecting electrical installations in inaccessible areas is simple with the Cable Scout Cam inspection camera and a WLAN network. With the 10 m semi-rigid camera cable, or in combination with the Cable Scout+ Rod Set, you can easily spot exactly where the cause of a fault lies in suspended ceilings, cable ducts or drywall.

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  • Cable Scout Cam Inspektionskamera© HellermannTyton GmbH

How often do you wish you had X-ray vision in unknown or hard-to-reach installation environments? With the Cable Scout Cam WLAN HD inspection camera, you can now easily check behind the plasterboard or in the furthest corner of the suspended ceiling. The 10 m semi-rigid camera cable provides a good inspection range. It is possible to take video and photos in confined spaces that would otherwise be difficult to view.



The Cable Scout Cam is a professional miniature camera connected to a rechargeable WiFi transmitter unit. It delivers real-time video and still images in HD quality wirelessly via WiFi to mobile devices or computers. The product can be used with Android, iOS, Windows and MAC operating systems. With the free app for Android and iOS, the images can be rotated, saved and sent.

  • Inspektionskamera© HellermannTyton GmbH

To ensure perfect visibility in the dark, the mini HD camera has eight integrated dimmable LED lights. Also included are four practical accessories that can be attached to the camera head as needed. An IP68 waterproof lens cover protects the camera in damp cavities. The mirror enables viewing around corners. The magnet and hook help to salvage lost tools or parts. The camera also combines well with the Cable Scout+ Rod Set.


Features of the Cable Scout Cam inspection camera at a glance

  • Real time WiFi photo and video transmission
  • Compatible with Android, iOS (via free app), Windows and Mac operating systems
  • 10 m semi-rigid camera cable connected to rechargeable 2.4 GHz WiFi transmitter
  • Camera head diameter 8 mm and camera casing made of robust aluminium
  • Eight integrated dimmable mini LED lamps
  • 2 mega pixel camera with a focal distance of 4–8 cm and a 70° view angle
  • Set includes hook, magnet, mirror and IP68 watertight lens cover head accessories
  • Combines well with the Cable Scout+ Rod Set

Keep everything easily in view, whether behind the wall, in the ceiling or in the wiring duct!

  • Installation© HellermannTyton GmbH


The Cable Scout Cam is an excellent addition to the HellermannTyton Cable Scout+ Rod Set. This tried and tested cable pulling system provides flexible support when laying cables in hard-to-reach areas such as suspended ceilings, cavity walls or cable ducts.

The set consists of screwable rods made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, which can be loaded with a tensile force of up to 200 kg. Three different diameters and bending radii ensure smooth cable pulling where conventional methods often fail. Supplemented by a range of accessories, such as cable grips, a balloon whisk gliding attachment, strong magnet and robust storage bag, Cable Scout+ is a versatile tool around cable installation.


Product overview

  article No.  DEHA No. product name
Cable Scout Kamera 897-90060 6116340 Cable Scout Cam Inspection Camera
Cable Scout+ Kabeleinziehhilfe 897-90001 3262325 Cable Scout+ Rod Set



© HellermannTyton GmbH

Experience the advantages of the Cable Scout Cam in this video.

© HellermannTyton GmbH

Experience what you can do with the Cable Scout+ Rod Set.

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