Communication Technology Is Changing

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2016-05-09 09:46 am


Communication technology is subject to enormous change. This sector, which used to be a single branch of business just a few years ago, is becoming increasingly influenced by computer technology, and network technology. We can no longer draw clear lines between different areas of information technology. Telecommunications and computers used to be separate domains. They had clearly distinguishable purposes. These now intersect. This calls for cooperation not only with regards to technology, but also planning.

Exchanging information is becoming increasingly more important in modern societies, which is why we often speak of an information society. Information and communication technology plays a crucial role for this structural changes and is becoming increasingly more important: products and services from this sector inspire numerous product and process innovations thus creating growth in virtually all industries. Companies invest strongly in new technologies in order to work more effectively and efficiently, to automate processes, and to stay competitive.

The range of communication and connectivity technology comprises various components for interconnecting many different systems. In addition to individual interfaces, numerous combinations with different ports combined into one device are available. Virtually all audio and video components have a layer of high-grade gold guaranteeing optimal transmission for excellent picture and sound quality.

From 1 July 2017, all new wiring cables need to be labeled according to the uniform react-to-fire performance Euroclasses. Anyone who does electrical installation work should already get used to this regulation.