Edition 1906 – Stylish Vintage Lighting Solutions

2016-11-17 04:00 pm



“There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.”

(Billy Baldwin, New York Interior Design Legend)


Clear shapes, authentic materials: The strongest point of the Edition 1906 is its vintage design,
which puts the focus back on a long neglected design element – the filament and bulb.

Hidden behind lamp shades or covers, they literally lead a shadowy existence: the filaments that light up our world. However, shapes inspired by classic incandescent light bulbs – whether it be Edison, Globe, Oval, or Tubular – have what it takes to become real style icons. This is why the designers who were responsible for the Edition 1906 set a clear goal for themselves: to let these beautiful lamps shine in a new light.

  • © LEDVANCE GmbH: Vintage 1906 LED Edison
  • © LEDVANCE GmbH: Vintage 1906 PenduLum
  • © LEDVANCE GmbH: Vintage 1906 LED Globe 125

“We want to create a warm and emotional product – something aesthetic”, Jonas Lindemann, project manager for 1906, explains. It was a simple idea: large historic lamp shapes filled with exciting technology – ”real eye catchers” without lamp shades that directly bathe the room in subtle light. Puristic design meets high-quality manufacturing – “This is an approach that suits us” Lindemann says. The name 1906 is not arbitrary: it is the year in which the Osram brand was born. The designers of the edition decided to use the unadorned looks of the lamps that Osram produced in the early 20th century. This design not only reflects the company’s history – it also represents the timeless quality standards that has been and still is characteristic for Osram.

  • © LEDVANCE GmbH: Vintage 1906 Halogen Oval
  • © LEDVANCE GmbH: Vintage 1906 Halogen Tubular
  • © LEDVANCE GmbH: Vintage 1906 Halogen Globe

Choosing the right materials for the Edition 1906 was also an important factor in honoring this heritage. “We used honest, highest-quality components” designer Gregor Faubel explains. The lamps are made of brass and glass; the PenduLum luminaire is made of aluminum. In order to impart the perfect look to the metal, the smart minds at Osram made the aluminum parts manually at a lathe – just like back in in 1906. “I’m particularly fond of the PenduLum’s haptic properties. It just feels nice to hold it in your hand” Faubel says. A braided black cable perfects its vintage look.


But as much as the Edition 1906 honors this look of bygone times – the products are filled with modern technology. Two different types of lamps are available: Halogen lamps, which offer maximum color rendering, and gold-coated LED lamps that bathe the room in warm light and set a special accent with their filament design. This way, 1906 builds a multiple bridges: between past and future, between warmth and brilliance, between dreamy nostalgia and casual pragmatism. The result is something that Lindemann and Faubel are proud of: “Lamps and luminaires that not only light up a room, but also add value to it.”