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2019-06-11 12:10 am

The AL8 series from B.E.G. offers an attractive design and the latest LED technology. The diffuser provides a pleasant and even light distribution over a large area, the economical LEDs guarantee a service life of 40,000 hours and enable a high light yield with low power consumption.

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Modern technology in a minimum of space

The B.E.G. surface-mounted luminaires of the AL8 series combine an attractive design with the latest LED technology. The stable flat polycarbonate diffuser ensures pleasant and even light distribution in the room. The wide beam angle of 120° illuminates a large area. The high-quality economical LEDs guarantee a service life of 40,000 hours and enable high luminous efficacy with low power consumption.

Despite its just 48 mm structural height, the AL8-25-300-LEDN-HF comprises a powerful HF microwave detector invisibly in its housing. With a detection range of up to 6 m (ceiling mounting 360°, wall mounting 140°), the HF microwave detector switches the lighting on conveniently and automatically when movement is detected. If no further movement is detected, the light switches off automatically after the set follow-up time. The design luminaire with HF detector shines in neutral white (4,000 k/2,100 lm).

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B.E.G. not only attaches importance to luminous efficacy, but also has a special focus on light quality. With the AL8-25-300-LED-3C design luminaire, three different shades of white can be selected via a slide switch on the rear side of the luminaire: warm white (3,000 K/2,000 lm), neutral white (4,000 K/2,100 lm) and daylight white (5,700 K/2,120 lm). The lighting is additionally dimmable. With a structural height of only 40 mm, the luminaire also features IP54 protection, which makes it suitable for humid environments.

The AL8-25-300-LED-3C-HF is the right luminaire for those who do not want to decide between convenient automatic switching and variable light colour. In its 48mm housing, it offers both the hidden HF detector and the choice between three different shades of white. For the AL8 series, an additional protective ring is optionally available to protect the luminaires against vandalism.

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Product overview AL8

product picture B.E.G. part number type description range diagramm EAN
Anbauleuchten AL8-Serie B.E.G. 93621 AL8-25-300-LED-3C Design lamp with three different shades of white   4007529936212
Anbauleuchten AL8-Serie B.E.G. mi tHF-Radarmelder 93141 AL8-25-300-LED-3C-HF Design luminaire with three different shades of white and HF radio detector 4007529931415
Designleuchte B.E.G. mit HF-Radarmelder 93631 AL8-25-300-LEDN-HF Design luminaire with HF radio detector 4007529936311
Designleuchte B.E.G. 93014 Protection ring AL8 Accessories protective ring   4007529930142


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