Glare-free all round – The Lichtkanal 060

2020-04-21 12:01 am

A flexible tailor-made suit among the light channels: The new light channel 060 shines not only thanks to its extremely homogeneous lighting surface. Thanks to a combination of GC technology and nanoOtpix, the LK 060 also has an all-round glare-free, low-beam light distribution.

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GC technology for a glare-free Lichtkanal

  • LTS Lichtkanal in an office© Steffen Jähn, DANIEL HORN PHOTOGRAPHY: SAE Institut, Berlin.

No matter where you are sitting or standing at your workplace – the LTS Lichtkanal 060 always provides optimum light output without glare thanks to innovative glare control technology.

The requirements for optimum lighting of workstations are fully met by a UGR value (unified glare rating) of less than 19.

The wafer-thin, resource-saving high-tech film nanoOptix ensures a deep beam angle. It is not tied to fixed lengths, which means that there are no edges when light lines are long. In combination with the newly developed glare protection – the GC technology – glare-free lengths of up to 150 metres are possible.

With its stylishly reduced design language, the Lichtkanal 060 accentuates all architectural forms. The perfect all-round glare control ensures maximum architectural freedom. Even after installation, an extension using GC technology remains flexible.

Despite the optimised glare control provided by GC technology, the Lichtkanal 060 loses none of its extraordinary efficiency.


All advantages of the LK 060 at a glance

  • Individual lighting solution and planning via Lichtkanal configurator
  • Available as surface, pendant and wall mounting
  • Installation in plasterboard possible
  • UGR ≤ 19
  • Flexible and unlimited architectural freedom
  • Highly efficient
  • Glare protection

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