2016-06-23 12:39 pm

The standard. Redefined

Sometimes you simply need the right light for common applications. No more and no less. The new LEDVANCE® LED lamps offer exactly that: products that are simple, efficient and easy to install and which offer proven quality and the best value for your money.

Of course, the new LEDVANCE® LED lamps are exceptional products. But what redefines the standard is how the portfolio is arranged. Since LEDVANCE® knows what your customers want and need, this portfolio covers virtually all standard applications. With LEDVANCE® LED lamps you choose success. It offers just the right products for everyday use.

You can rely on LEDVANCE®, your new but familiar partner. LEDVANCE® offers OSRAM lamps and LEDVANCE® luminaires for everyday requirements of your professional customers, all from one source. Their team has more than 100 years of experience when it comes to providing the best customer service. We want to advance light with and for you.



The new compact linear lamps will be available in four designs, which are 300 to 1,500 mm long and offer different luminous flux outputs: For applications which require a high degree of luminosity, the model with 2,500 lumen is ideal. This lamp makes very long rooms easy to illuminate, since up to 20 can be connected in series.

  • Compact dimensions, on/off switch on the lamp
  • Simple installation, two different installation angles
  • Power consumption decreased by up to 45%
  • Lighting rows with up to 10 lamps possible
  • Version with on/off switch available
  • Includes full mounting and installation equipment
  • Different lengths available
  • For seamless lighting rows without dark patches

 Fields of application:

  • General indoor lighting applications
  • Hallways, entry areas
  • Highlighting
  • Public spaces
  • Indirect lighting
  • Bookshelves, furniture, substructure lighting
  • Seamless light strips

LEDVANCE® Surface Circular

The round Surface Circular luminaires have a diameter of 35 to 40 cm and can be used both for walls and ceilings. Equipped with a IP44 rated lamp, they can also be used in damp rooms, such as bathrooms.

  • Direct replacement for lamps with 2 x 18-W or 2 x 26-W compact halogen tubes
  • Very homogeneous light
  • Consume up to 55% less power compared to traditional lamps
  • Models with movement detection or daylight sensor available (microwave sensor)
  • LEDs protected for safe installation
  • Quick and simple to install

 Fields on application:

  • Hallways
  • Staircases
  • Bathrooms
  • Foyers