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2019-07-09 12:01 am

Light is more than brightness. It is the best sales argument. The right light in the right place underlines the quality of the goods. In both the food and non-food sectors, the right light ensures that customers and employees feel at home. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere in all work areas. The perfect lighting concept is always holistic. Only a balanced mix of ceiling, shelf and counter lighting offers an optimal shopping experience.

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The ceiling – perfect support from above

  • ledxon ceiling lighting© Max Kratzer: ledxon's well-thought-out product range offers the right ceiling lighting for all requirements.

In the ceiling area ledxon offers a real winner  – the Tracklight TL1. The luminaire, which won the German Design Award 2019, not only looks great: It supports existing shelf lighting and ensures optimum lighting conditions in all sales and work areas and, thanks to various performance classes and light colours, is guaranteed to cut a good figure.

Click here for the technical data of Tracklight TL1.


An alternative worth seeing is the recessed luminaire DLA1. The downlight presents itself discreetly. The swivelling luminaire can be recessed into the ceiling. Its light beam can be directed precisely onto sales rooms, shelves, walls and counters. In this way, products are presented individually and the attention of the customer is focused on the product.

Click here for the technical data of the DLA1 downlight.


Counter and shelves – ideal ambassadors in every shop

  • counter and selves lighting© Max Kratzer: The SCL and SML families meet the high lighting demands of shelving.

ledxon has developed the SCL and SML batten luminaires to meet the high lighting requirements of shelves and counters. The two new products can be installed in existing shelves without tools and with a few simple steps. Three white light colours and special light colours for the food sector are available for an individual presentation of the goods. The CRI value is 90 in each case, so that article displays always shine in the highest brilliance regardless of the texture.

Both strips are available in different performance classes and different beam characteristics, so that they can be used in a wide range of applications. While the SML fully exploits its advantages especially for uncooled product groups, the SCL was specially developed for use in refrigerated and deep-frozen product displays.

Click here for the technical data of the SML family and the SCL family.


Best lighting mood thanks to high-quality recessed spotlights

  • EDOS recessed spotlights - LED-expert at the point of sale© Jennifer Böschl: The EDOS Einbaustrahler will soon also be available as a controllable variant.

Great design meets solid workmanship. The LED recessed luminaires of the EDOS family can be used universally and create a unique lighting atmosphere. Whether as ceiling lighting or clever orientation light for the staircase area.

A flat design and simple installation are common to all representatives of the series. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and meet the highest safety standards, which guarantees long-term stable operation.

The recessed spotlights are called EDOS Einbaustrahler. They are available in four different colours and different power and IP protection classes, underlining their wide range of applications. A controllable version of the BT Einbaustrahler will also be available in autumn, which can be operated via the ledxon Colourbeam App.

Click here for the technical details of the EDOS Einbaustrahler.


Easy. Clever. Colourbeam.

  • LED-expert at the point of sale- ledxon colourbeam© Max Kratzer: All light colours between 2,000 and 6,500 K and in the RGB room can be set via the app.

With the light sources of the Colourbeam series, ledxon provides individual lighting worlds at the touch of a button. Brightnesses, light colours and individual moods are intuitively controlled via smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app and off you go. The integrated Bluetooth interface controls the light, and up to 250 lamps can be addressed, either individually or in groups. Energy-intensive WLAN, which only allows control of up to ten lamps per gateway, is not required.

All light colours between 2,000 and 6,500 K and in the RGB room can be set via the app. An integrated dimming function regulates the brightness in the room as required and can also be coupled with simple time control. This makes the lamps suitable both for use at home and in shops, restaurants, hotels or bars.

Click here for the technical details of the Colourbeam family.

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