There is no alternative to quality LUXANO 2 – the new one in the range of Dustproof/Waterproof Light Fittings from SCHUCH

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2020-01-07 12:01 am

Highly efficient and best SCHUCH quality, this is how the completely redesigned LUXANO 2 presents itself!

Investments must pay off. It is not only important to buy as inexpensively as possible, but above all to keep an eye on the quality of the product. The new LED moisture-proof luminaire LUXANO 2 by SCHUCH combines both and offers top quality at an astonishingly low price.

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Unbelievable! So good but so low-priced!

With the LUXANO 2 SCHUCH proves that high quality and low price do not have to be opposites.

  • LUXANO 2© Adolf Schuch GmbH: LUXANO 2 - So good but so low-priced!

For all light fittings, no matter which price range, SCHUCH attaches great importance to quality and underlines this in case of the LUXANO 2 with a guarantee of five years.

The light fitting uses high-quality LED / ECG from high-end brands, which contribute significantly to the high luminous efficacy. Up to 140lm / W can be reached here. In addition to efficiency, attention is also paid to sustainable resource conservation, as the LUXANO 2 is not a throw-away light fitting. The reflector with LED and ECG can be removed and replaced without tools. In addition to the high-quality electrical components, SCHUCH also attaches importance to the high quality of the other lighting components. Locking clips made of stainless steel and a frosted cover, which leads to a pleasant homogeneous illumination and an excellent glare limitation, are good examples of the value of the luminaire. Another advantage is the FastFix quick-action mounting system. External, sliding stainless steel retaining clips allow variable mounting distances without having to open the light fitting. The cable entry can be done here on the short and long side and on the back. Thus, the installation of this moisture-proof diffuser light, even in rooms with increased fire risk, can be done easily and flexibly. The series also includes special versions to use in unprotected outdoor areas and the food industry.


Product details of the LUXANO 2:

Dustproof/Waterproof LED Light Fitting with Diffuser Series 167 … G2

  • Anwendung Feuchtraumleuchte© Adolf Schuch GmbH
Type Power consumption [W] Luminous flux [lm] Luminous efficacy [lm/W]
167 15L34G2 28 3.850 137
167 12L42G2 30 4.100 137
167 15L60G2 43 6.000 140
further versions version AUS use in unprotected outdoor areas  
  version IFS use in the food industry  
  version ZB for connection to
central power supply unit
  version FC with quick-connector (FastConnect)  

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Convince Yourself!

The LUXANO 2 from SCHUCH impresses with an unbeatable price / performance ratio. Here, high quality and economic efficiency meet at a low price – unbelievable, but true and a classic win-win situation for everyone!

TOP Quality

  • 5 years system guarantee
  • high-quality LED / ECG of high-end brands
  • life time 50,000h at max. ambient temperature
  • locking clips made of stainless steel
  • frosted cover for a homogeneous illumination
  • sustainable and resource-friendly – no throw-away light fitting

FastFix mounting system

  • External, sliding stainless steel retaining clips allow an easy installation
  • variable cable entry on the short and long sides and on the back


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