Reliable automatic light switching – Presence detection through movement and noise

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2020-06-15 12:01 am

In passageways, a large part of the energy consumption for lighting can be saved if a motion detector is installed. On the one hand, it checks whether there is any movement in its detection range and, on the other, it measures the brightness in the room. The light is only activated if a person is present and there is not enough natural light. This means that no energy is wasted in the passageway area.

But what is the optimum solution for areas that are angled? The passive infrared rays do not penetrate materials such as cabin walls in toilets. For such installation situations, the PD3N-1C-Micro has an acoustic sensor in addition to the motion sensor. If the light has been activated by movement, it can be reactivated by sounds during the follow-up time.

The motion detector can be optimally adjusted to local requirements using the optional remote control or the B.E.G. app. It is particularly suitable for smaller passageways such as toilets, stairwells, individual garages or anterooms.

B.E.G. offers the PD3N-1C-Micro in two different versions:

Product Picture Product Name EAN
PD3N-1C-DE Micro für Deckeneinbau

PD3N-1C-DE Micro

PD3N-1C-AP Micro für Aufputzmontage PD3N-1C-AP Micro 4007529922192

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