Innovative – The NEW KNX occupancy detector Generation 6

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2019-10-28 12:02 am

KNX sensors from B.E.G. are specially developed for the creation of economical solutions for building automation. This means energy saving potential is used effectively and the building’s running costs are substantially reduced. Depending on application type, different sensors may be used, e.g. the PD4 with a large detection area, the design-oriented PD11 occupancy detectors (with a visible surface height of only 0.85mm) or the PICO, the smallest KNX occupancy detector in the world.

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Yet more functionality

The new Generation 6 KNX sensor has been completely revised and now meets more individual requirements: The new hardware enables a much smaller mounting depth, which makes installation considerably easier, particularly in restricted installation spaces, e.g. suspended ceilings. In addition, the detectors include depending on model and variant an integrated sound sensor, temperature sensor and, for the Indoor 140-L wall switch, LEDs for orientation and night light function.

KNX detectors from B.E.G. have a range of functionality unique in the market. Brand new functions include software actuation of individual movement sensors, integrated offset regulation for balancing different brightness levels within the room and the full-featured integrated logic module for complex connectivity.

For the best solution for every project, B.E.G. offers the KNX occupancy detector as different versions (hardware and software):

  • BASIS (BA) – Economic solution for simple requirements
  • STANDARD (ST) – comprehensive solution for common requirements
  • DELUXE (DX) – premium solution for demanding applications

An overview of the different hardware and software can be found here.


Product picture PProduct name description range diagramm Available versions
RC-plus next N 230-KNX Outdoor occupancy detector DX
PD11-KNX-FLAT Super flat occupancy detector DX, ST, BA
PD2N-KNX Occupancy detector DX, ST, BA
PD4N-KNX Occupancy detector with extended detection area DX, ST
KNX-Präsenzmelder PD9-KNX Mini-occupancy detector DX
KNX-Präsenzmelder PICO-KNX Smallest KNX occupancy detector in the world DX
KNX-Präsenzmelder PD4N-KNX-K Occupancy detector designed for corridors DX
KNX-Präsenzmelder PD4-KNX-GH Occupancy detector especially for large mounting heights DX
PD9-KNX-GH Mini-occupancy detector especially for large mounting heights DX
Indoor 180-KNX KNX occupancy detector especially for installation in walls DX, ST, BA
Indoor 140-L-KNX KNX occupancy detector especially for installation in walls, incl. pushbutton and downlight DX


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