Attractive price: the BL4-PLUS

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2021-02-04 12:01 am

The BL4-PLUS is a new addition to B.E.G.’s low-priced BL series. This is a complete occupancy detector that is characterised by an attractive price with a slightly reduced range of functions. It has one channel for switching light. In addition, a push-button can be integrated for manual override of the light switching.

With a mounting height of 2.5m, the BL4-PLUS covers an area of up to Ø19m. Using mounting sets, the detector can also be flush-mounted and surface-mounted. Thanks to the stored factory program, the occupancy detector can be put into operation directly. The BL4-PLUS is individually programmed exclusively via the IR-BL-PLUS remote control available as an accessory.


Product overview

picture name
Präsenzmelder BL4-PLUS
Montageset Mounting set BL4-UP
BL4-PLUS Mounting set BL4-AP

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