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2020-02-10 12:03 am

Occupancy detector, night light, orientation light, main light push-button and temperature sensor all in one.

The wall occupancy detector Indoor 140L-KNX-DX

The wall occupancy detector Indoor 140L-KNX-DX is a true all-rounder. Behind the lens in the middle is a powerful occupancy detector that enables presence-dependent light control. Above and below the lens there are two semicircular push-buttons that can be individually programmed. For example, the upper push-button can be used for lighting and the lower one for roller shutter control. The detector is mounted at 1.20m in a flush-mounted box and can completely replace the normal light switch thanks to its push-button function.


  • Wandpräsenzmelder im Flur© B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH
  • Wandpräsenzmelder Indoor mit Nachtlichtfunktion© B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH

An efficient LED is integrated in the lower push-button, which lights up in the direction of the floor. This can be used as night or orientation light. The brightness of the LED can be set as a percentage for both operating modes. Energy-efficient lighting control is achieved by carefully coordinating the lighting. For example, the night light with a brightness value of 10% is automatically activated when it is too dark. This ensures gentle lighting with minimum energy consumption.

As soon as the occupancy detector detects movement, the LED is dimmed up to the orientation light value of 30%. When the person needs more light, they press the button and, depending on programming, activate the main light, for example. As soon as the occupancy detector no longer detects any movement, the follow-up time begins. When this is over, the main light is switched off automatically. If it is then too dark, the night light is reactivated. At dusk sufficient natural light comes in again and the night light is automatically switched off. It is also possible that the night or orientation light is only active between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. (day/night switchover).

The integrated temperature sensor also measures the room temperature and feeds it into the KNX system. This can then, for example, be shown on a display or made available to the heating system. The integrated logic module can also be used to generate a temperature limit value that can be used for roller shutter control.

The detection range of the Indoor 140L-KNX can be extended by slave devices. The detector also offers a wide range of KNX software functions so that the installer can tailor the system to individual customer requirements.

Product Picture Product name range Diagram EAN
Wandpräsenzmelder Indoor 140L-KNX-DX Indoor 140L-KNX-DX Reichweitendiagramm Wandpräsenzmelder Indoor 140L-KNX-DX


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