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2019-04-15 12:01 am

No other application offers such high energy savings as high-bay warehouses, where light is switched on and off centrally. The simple solution is light control with occupancy detectors or multi-sensors from B.E.G.

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Application area of occupancy detector and multi-sensor series PD4-GH 

High ceilings, long aisles, large halls – for a long time, the lighting of high-bay warehouses had to be able to do only one thing: illuminate work routes as brightly as possible. However, many areas in large warehouses are used only briefly during the day, the rest of the time the light is on without any use. However, there is an efficient alternative: Instead of illuminating all aisles and corridors throughout working hours, occupancy detectors regulate the lighting as required.

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Benefits of occupancy detector and multi-sensor series  PD4-GH 

Energy-efficient lighting control requires the brightness value of the surroundings, but it is difficult to measure the light values on the ground with large installation heights. The PD4-GH occupancy detector and multi-sensor series was developed precisely for this demand. All detectors in this series are equipped with a telescopic light sensor that can be pulled out and which, with its large lens, enables selective light measurement on the ground. The telescopic light sensor can be pulled out to suit the real mounting height. The PD4-GH detectors thus reliably measure the light values on the ground and create energy-efficient constant light regulation up to a mounting height of up to 16m.

The detection range is also tailor-made for long aisles in high-bay warehouses. The arrangement of the sensors creates an oval detection area. On delivery, the products have arrow stickers on the housing, which have to point along the corridor during assembly. The stickers must be removed after assembly. Thus the sensors can be easily aligned correctly and cover up to 30m frontal detection.

The PD4-GH-DALISYS detector and the Guided Light function make things really convenient: the lighting is coordinated in such a way that people are accompanied through the building by a cloud of light. The light is switched on with 100% in the area with movement. In adjacent areas, 10 or 20 percent of the light output is activated.

Overview B.E.G. PD4-GH detectors

B.E.G. offers the PD4-GH detector for various systems:

product Picture B.E.G. Part number System Range Diagramm EAN
PD4-GH Melder








with application controler any manufacturer

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