We want to feel comfortable in our homes

Being interconnected and mobile with the help of our smart phone has become normal to us. Intelligent home connectivity and solutions that are economical, energy-efficient, and flexible are also becoming increasingly more popular and have become very secure.

Research has shown that sunlight helps us get up in the morning. This is why the shutters or jalousies are automatically opened. It is no longer a luxury to have fresh coffee waiting in the kitchen when you get up. Things happen at the right time: when the sun is warming the room, the heating is off. This is energy-efficient and easy on the wallet. When nobody is at home, the heating is not working to retain the temperature; it heats your home to the desired room temperature just before you get back from work.

After the sun has set, our need for safety increases. This is why you can close all shutters and activate the outdoor security system simply by pressing one button. When you are on vacation, lighting programs and automatized shutter controls simulate your presence and discourage unwanted visitors.

This is not fiction – our smart home solutions already make it a reality

Modern automation enables you to organize the entire surveillance, control, and optimization systems in buildings. Operational sequences run automatically in accordance with pre-entered settings. It is also possible to simplify handling and monitoring with the help of interconnected sensors, actuators, and controls. Sequences can also be combined to scenarios.

Sometimes little things make a substantial difference. This is the case in the area of Internet-based home automation. Internet-based systems are playing an increasingly more important role in controlling building functions as well as in building communication. An intercom that is directly connected to a PC or smartphone is one possible application. In addition, fingerprint locks are increasingly replacing lock and key systems. The overall observation is that security, comfort, and design are coalescing into a comprehensive system. And you can choose from a large variety of designs when buying a classical KNX control.

Among other things, our smart home solutions control heating, shutters, and lighting inside and outside of buildings. You can control all subsystems via an interface that is both clear and intuitive. This way you can check on your house or company anytime even when you are away. Possible sources for the system controls include video material, temperature data, and data from wind sensors. If required, users can also receive important notifications via e-mail or to their mobile device.

We present: Our smart home decision tool

This tool lets you filter solutions and products according to your personal requirements. We support you in finding the best options and we pave the way for you to choose the system that best suits your requirements.

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