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TECWORLD offers a large variety of services and information. We assist you in finding a suitable electrical specialist and our many articles provide you with concentrated expert knowledge. In our catalog data base offers carefully selected reading material and lets you discover the advantages of many different product variants. Our E-PROCESS App lets you visit a virtual house full of application examples.

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It is our mission to build bridges between manufacturers, specialists, and consumers. We offer a nationwide database, which allows you to find a reliable electrical specialist in your area. At the same time, our articles give you insight into our manufacturers’ knowledge and show their professional skills.

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Our catalog database offers information about the world of electrical engineering and technology not only for those with a professional background, but also for consumers looking to learn about the newest technological trends. The catalogs, brochures and data sheets in our database are available whenever it is convenient for you. Our service is not limited by opening hours.

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Discover the virtual house and best-practice examples of stat-of-the-art electrical systems and devices with E-PROCESS. LIGHTING IDEAS provides you with everything you need to know about lighting. This part of our website will give you an in-depth understanding to help you integrate innovative electrical products into your personal environment. We lead the way towards sophisticated electrical products and systems – we help you find the best option with regard to long-term planning, comfort, lighting, energy-efficiency, safety, and security. You could start out by picking the subject that is most relevant to your interests.

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In 2016, we have started also presenting the latest trends online – available 24/7. W reach the target audience without delay via our online channel. We present important product innovations in an effective and precise way.

In the process, we never lose focus of specialists and consumers and find the best way to quickly explain the product in our films. This puts a strong focus on the viewer, who therefore receives information effectively. Our videos close the gap between retailers, installation specialists, and consumers. We believe that every product holds a special value that cannot be communicated verbally. And this is where people start looking for the kind of assistance and information that we provide.


DEHA wholesalers

5 regional leading wholesalers assist the specialist trademen in the system alliance of the DEHA-Group. With two strategic key aspects – building technology and industrial technology – we want to achieve one common goal: Together with the active specialist trademen and leading manufacturers, we demonstrate how powerful and dynamic an alliance of independent partners can act on the electrical market.

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