Siemens helps you to take advantage of efficiency potentials in panel building

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2017-10-02 12:17 am

Panel building comes with a whole range of challenges: deadline and cost pressure, the growth of digitalization, more and more new standards and directives, and increasing pressure to innovate.  As a partner with extensive experience in control panel design and building, Siemens helps you speed up your business processes. We offer a unique product and system portfolio backed by many years of expert know-how, tools and data. We help you start on the path to digitalization and offer comprehensive support from design and building to service.

Benefit from having Siemens as an experienced partner.

© Siemens: Answers to the challenges of today with panel building

With the range of solutions from Siemens, you can easily optimize all aspects of control panel building. From preparation and configuration to design, construction, service, and support, we offer you a perfectly coordinated control panel solution.

With expert know-how, tools and data for digitalization in engineering, and an aligned product and system portfolio, we ensure long-term success and greater competitiveness. That’s what the comprehensive approach of Integrated Control Panels stands for.

Digitalization is making great strides throughout the world and changing everything. The Siemens tools and data help smooth the way toward digitalization and leverage potential in control panel design, giving you greater efficiency, flexibility and quality. An aligned, end-to-end portfolio of products, from control panel enclosures to automation systems and drive train components to industrial controls, reduces your planning work and ensures that all components work together smoothly

  • © Siemens: Applying standards and directives in day-to-day operations

Discover the range of support Siemens can offer when you are facing typical control panel engineering challenges, such as:

  • Applying North American standards and codes
  • Implementing industrial control panels that conform with IEC standards and EU Directives
  • Easy calculation of temperature rise
  • Optimizing engineering processes
  • Designing EMC-compliant control panels

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