SIRIUS thinks ahead – Hybrid switching technology for clever motor starting

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2019-04-23 12:01 am

Companies in all industrial sectors are faced with the challenge of ensuring the efficient operation of electric motors in a wide range of applications while simultaneously taking into account a number of factors such as mechanical load, cost efficiency, compliance with standards, reliability, space conditions and improvement in energy efficiency.

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Ensure optimum functionality with intelligent products

  • hybrid switching technology© Siemens AG 2019. All rights reserved. The best of both worlds with hybrid switching technology.

Hybrid switching technology combines the advantages of electronic control via power semiconductors with the low-loss  conducting properties of mechanical switching contacts. The strength of the respective technology is exploited within the appropriate operating phase. During the motor´s start-up process, the soft starter is operated via the power semiconductors. After the motor has been started by means of semiconductors, low-loss switching contacts supply the current for the remaining operating phase until shutdown. This interaction between semiconductor technology and low-loss switching contacts takes place automatically and thus creates valuable advantages for the operator. Hybrid switching technology ensures a longer service life of the switchgear due to the reduced wear of the switch-on contacts.

This typical hybrid switching process reduces the starting current of the semiconductor components, thus minimizing the load on the switching contacts to such an extent that the mechanical components in the hybrid switching device can achieve a significantly longer switching life.


SIRIUS soft starter – Protection of motors and mechanics, reduced load on the mains

  • SIRIUS soft starter© Siemens AG 2019. All rights reserved. SIRIUS soft starter - as versatile as the application.

The majority of all motors operate at fixed speeds. A soft starter is ideal for precisely these applications. Due to the slow start-up and the associated reduced power input, the mechanical power-transmitting elements of the machine are protected and the network is efficiently protected against high inrush peaks. SIRIUS offers a differentiated product range to find the optimal, most cost-effective and perfectly tailored soft starter solution:

Basic Performance 3RW30/40 softstarters are among the most compact 2-phase controlled softstarters in the world in the power range from 1.5…250 kW (at 400 V) and are the perfect solution for simple applications of all kinds. General Performance 3RW52 soft starters as 3-phase controlled devices cover the power range from 5.5…315 kW in inline circuit or up to 560 kW in inside-delta circuit.

Optional HMI modules can be easily integrated to monitor and control the soft starter (motor on/off) and display faults. Various optional communication modules ensure the communication of this data to higher-level systems. High performance soft starters 3RW55 are equipped with highest functionality and are the superior all-round talent even for difficult starting and stopping processes. The pump cleaning and autoparameterisation functions round off this clever soft starter.


SIRIUS motor starter 3RM1– Getting started even when things get tight

  • SIRIUS - Group installation in the smallest space© Siemens AG 2019. All rights reserved. Group installation in the smallest space - no problem.

Is a compact control cabinet solution for small motors up to 3 kW required and the conditions on site are such that the available space in the control cabinet is very limited and every inch counts, SIRIUS also offers a solution here with hybrid switching technology. The 3RM1 motor starters are unbeatable for starting motors up to 3 kW, as they also use the advantages of hybrid switching technology and combine the functionality of contactors and overload relays with extremely compact dimensions in a width of just 22.5 mm. A group installation in the smallest space is possible without any problems. Easy adjustment of the motor current, minimal wiring costs and fast troubleshooting save time and effort.


Automation solutions with SIMATIC – a suitable motor starter SIMATIC ET 200SP  is now also available.

  • © Siemens AG 2019. All rights reserved. Features, benefits and functionality of the motor starter ET 200SP.

SIMATIC automation technology provides an intelligent solution that you can rely on for all challenges involving Motion Control, Signal acquisition/output, Closed-loop/PID control  – all the way to serial communications. The SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter with safety and standard functions now completes the decentralized peripheral system. The compact modules for switching and protecting 1-phase and 3-phase loads up to 5.5 kW are available in four wide setting ranges. With the transmission of current values and other diagnostic messages, they offer a wide range of options for system monitoring.

© Siemens AG 2019. All rights reserved. Features, benefits and functionality of the motor starter ET 200SP.

Hybrid switching technology combines the best of relay and semiconductor switching technology. The advantages of the SIRIUS hybrid switching technology  pay off: 

  • Longer service life for switchgear
  • Particularly economical for increased switching cycle counts
  • Lower energy costs and heat rise in the control cabinet
  • Avoidance of current peaks and network voltage dips
  • Low interference emissions; less electrical voltage fluctuations in power grids (flicker)
  • Lower power losses in the operating phase

Start motors by means of modern hybrid switching technology, regardless of the local conditions or framework conditions. Siemens always offers the right drive solution.

Several SIRIUS devices have already received awards and so did the new SIRIUS soft starters in 2018:

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