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Save now with BACHMANN SMART Adapter radio packages: Until 31/03/2019 you benefit from 3 packages for different application scenarios. Whether indoors or outdoors, with SMART Adapters you always make the right choice when it comes to SMART remote switching of your electrical devices. Learn more now!

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Be SMART now and save!

You like to be comfortable in your home? Then our SMART Adapters are exactly the right thing for you! The SMART Adapter series offers convenience and safety in response to your demand for intelligent living – all packed into a timeless, modern design.

Thanks to the integrated radio remote switches, the devices can be operated either in a WiFi network with your smartphone or with the also available radio remote control and then offer a convenient remote control of your electrical devices. So you always have your devices under control, such as TV, stereo system or your garden lighting outside.

WiFi SMART Adapters can also be connected to the 433 MHz radio SMART Adapters, so that the 433 MHz radio Adapters can also be controlled via the smartphone.

Take the opportunity and save now with our SMART special offer at your specialist!

BACHMANN SMART Adapter radio packages – the choice is yours


Product illustration Package Application scenario Package components
Smart Adapter Set für Innen und Außen



(Art. No. 995.123)


e.g. remote control of garden lighting, floor lamp in the living room


  • 1 SMART Adapter Radio 433 MHz | Indoor
  • 1 SMART Adapter Radio 433 MHz | Outdoor
  • 1 Radio remote control
Smart Adapter Set Home Entertainment



(Art. No. 995.124)


e.g. remote switching of home entertainment equipment such as television, DVD/BluRay player, game console and stereo system


  • 1 Radio SMART power strip
  • 1 SMART Adapter Radio 433 MHz | Indoor
  • 1 Radio remote control
Smart Adapter Alleskönner Set



(Art. No. 995.122)


Remote switching of electronic devices in indoor and outdoor areas, e.g. outdoor and indoor lighting, home entertainment, heating and cooling devices (e.g. electric heating, fans) and much more. In combination with SMART Adapter WiFi, the Radio SMART Adapters can also be conveniently controlled via smartphone app – even while on the move!


  • 1 SMART Adapter Radio 433 MHz | Indoor
  • 1 SMART Adapter Radio 433 MHz | Outdoor
  • 1 SMART Adapter WiFi
  • 1 Radio remote control

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Product advantages of SMART Adapters at a glance

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Added safety due to surge protection
  • Compatible with radio and Wi-Fi
  • Great convenience and flexibility

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