The PICO series – only 16mm installation height

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2020-04-14 12:01 am

The super-small and compact PICO is an occupancy detector for sophisticated design requirements. With its lens of only 33mm diameter, it is almost invisible in the ceiling. Despite its small ring diameter, it has a detection range with a diameter of up to 10m.

B.E.G. offers the PICO for different systems:

The switching device in a compact housing has a switching capacity of 2300 W. The entire technology is housed in the detector housing, no further power section is required. The detector is suitable for use in moist rooms and can be easily mounted using spring clamps or the enclosed clamping ring.

The PICOs for KNX, B.E.G. DALISYS and DALI-BMS are even smaller. The multisensors with a total height of only 27mm, of which 16mm are installation height, are simply integrated into the respective system. The functions can be fully exploited via the respective building automation system. Thanks to their small dimensions, they are ideal for installation in luminaires.


Overview of the solutions by systems 

Product Picture Product name System EAN
Präsenzmelder PICO-N-M-1C Switch 4007529931590
PICO-BMS - DALI-Multisensor für Applikationscontroller PICO-BMS DALI-multisensor for Multimaster-Application-Controller 4007529939244
kompakter Präsenzmelder DALISYS PICO-DALISYS B.E.G. DALISYS 4007529939091
PICO-KNX PICO-KNX KNX 4007529927197
PICO-S - Slave PICO-S SLAVE 4007529927005


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