Founded in 1938 the start of the development and production of the well known tester DUSPOL® and DUTEST® was in 1948. Today this product line has grown into a large number of other test and measurement products.

Innovative developments and consistent manufacturing quality are the basis for the excellent international reputation of BENNING products. Their design and implementation are based on the requirements of professional users.

The appliance testers allow safe and time-saving safety and periodic testing of electrical appliances in compliance with the standards VDE 0701-0702, EN 62353, EN 60974-4. Measuring adapters as BENNING MA 4 support standardized testing.

The installation testers and insulation multimeter are intended for safety testing of low-voltage electrical installations according to the standard IEC/ EN 60364. With the earth measuring clamp, quick, safe and measurements without using rods can be performed.

BENNING offers a range of measuring devices and accessories for commissioning tests, periodic testing and performance assessment of grid-connected PV systems in compliance with the standards IEC/EN 62446 and IEC/EN 61829.

The DUSPOL® and DUTEST® product range is intended for voltage, phase, polarity, phase sequence, continuity and semiconductor testing.

The digital multimeters and digital current clamps offers the ideal solution for all requirements and applications. We manufacture both devices using the conventional averaging measuring method (RMS) and the TRUE RMS measuring method up to the highest measuring category CAT IV. For all sophisticated measuring tasks, measuring devices with data logger, Bluetooth®, PC software and app are also offered.