Quality that you can fully trust

BRUMBERG Leuchten has been making a name for itself as a professional manufacturer of luminaires in the field of high-class lighting technology for 140 years and has become one of the leading suppliers. The company offers professional lighting solutions for nearly all applications.

Our success in the market is based on the high standards we set for ourselves: uncompromising quality, individuality, adaptability, and response to customers‘ requirements, as well as a continuous process of innovation in all aspects of our business. When creating our products our rule is always: precision, perfection, and the highest quality materials combined with proven functionality.

Brumberg is a think-tank for the lighting industry. There is plenty of “space” to implement new ideas and to set benchmarks with relevant developments. With our enthusiasm for our work we have managed to establish ourselves long-term as one of the leading players with a top position in the market. We are special because we are a little different and always strive to preserve our individuality. Therefore, we are always trying out new ideas and developing solutions on our own initiative. In our search for innovative developments and trends, we like to stray from the beaten track in order to break new ground for our industry. With our curiosity and the resulting solutions, we manage to continually show the company in a new light. We have the relevant expertise and years of experience. These are the skills that give us a critical head start. We never just tread water and we never go round in circles. We are innovative pioneers who proudly stand center stage. Where the light shines the brightest!