Reliable cable connections worldwide

Reliably power supply is the lifeblood of our society. The global electricity transportation network comprises several million miles of cables But electrical currents can only flow through cables that are professionally connected, branched or terminated. This is the job of the power and signal cable connection systems from Cellpack Electrical Products. They guarantee the perfect restoration of all cable characteristics. From insulation to conducting wires, they exhibit the same operating reliability as the cable itself.

Cellpack has acknowledged expertise in the field of non-routine and complex power connections. Our qualified service representatives are always glad to be of assistance. We offer special product training programs, which can be held on either our own or your company premises.

Cellpack Electrical Products makes sure its manufacturing facilities are always kept up to date with the most recent developments in technology. We develop and test entire systems within our own laboratories. We use the experience that we gain in this process to develop products that are highly regarded by electrical installation specialists on all five continents.

Although the company headquarters is situated in the Swiss town of Villmergen near Wohlen, today most of our products are manufactured in Germany. The manufacturing plants are situated in Waldshut-Tiengen and Radeberg. The Gelang Patah branch in Malaysia is mainly responsible for serving the Asian market. Further sales branches are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, France and Dubai, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Cellpack Electrical Products employs approximately 250 members of staff and offers apprenticeships for industrial management assistants as well as plastic and rubber technology process technicians.