Draka was founded it 1910 by Jan Teewis Duyvis. It was originally called “Hollandsche Draad & Kabel Fabriek”, which translates to Dutch Wire and Cable Factory. In 1970 the company was acquired by Philips and incorporated into the company under the name Draka Kabel. In 1986 Draka received financing from Parcom and Flint Beheer, giving it the opportunity to regain its status as an independent company. However, Philips sold some parts of Draka (Alkor Draka, Draka Interfoam) to Solvay.

The company was listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange from 1991 to 2010. In 2008, Draka had 68 locations and was active in 30 countries. The development and production of cables was divided into tree segments respectively covering energy and infrastructure, communication, and industry and special areas. In 2009, Prysmian made a takeover bid and succeeded against Nexans. On 22 November 2010, the offer was accepted and the world’s largest cable manufacturer came into being.

Multimedia Solutions specializes in everything to do with cables for private communication networks. We sell and produce glass-fiber, coaxial, and copper cables. In some cases we also offer a range of connectivity components and support services. Whether you require network solutions for your business or if you would like to distribute our products and solutions as a wholesaler, retailer, or an OEM – we can support you in meeting current and coming requirement, such as higher bandwidth, longer service life, more reliable products and services, and everything else that you need. Even though everyone is using mobile telephones nowadays, the vast majority of applications still require a cable infrastructure. MMS develops, produces, and sells copper and glass-fiber cables, which cover virtually every communication scenario in this area.