The name Gira stands for systematic modern building technology that makes living more convenient, more secure, and more energy-efficient. For this purpose, Gira offers intelligent functions and user-friendly devices which make it easy and convenient to control lighting, heating, and blinds, as well as door communication, multimedia, and security systems. Excellent switch ranges, which meet high design standards, provide the right framework for integrating the various possible solutions. In addition, Gira also specializes in plastics technology: the company develops and produces special solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Gira was founded in 1905. Today it is has more than 1,200 employees and representatives in 38 countries, which makes it one of the leading medium-sized electrical companies. It manufactures switches and wall sockets, in addition to a wide range of electrical installation systems, including communication technology, door intercoms, and automation systems for heating, lighting and blinds.

Gira products and systems can be found in many different objects: from the Lufthansa Aviation Center and the Hoechst management board building to kindergartens, schools, or simply in residential buildings. At Gira, the requirements for new product development are very high. Gira quality products have received numerous awards and their launches are always of great interest to everyone involved in the sector. Some years ago, Gira separated plastics technology from building technology and has made it a new business segment. Since then, other companies, e.g. medical engineering companies, have Gira manufacture products for them.

The company offers computer calculations for design and construction, state-of-the-art machines for production, in special cases also precision handiwork; Gira’s customers benefit from teamwork and complex organization from order to delivery, as well as a wide variety of services. A complex system with intelligent control allows Gira to fulfil customer wishes quickly, flexibly, and individually.