The brand name LEDVANCE describes the ethos of our company: we want to define the role of light in the digital age and in people’s connected daily lives. Our promise is reflected in the company name – our objective is to advance light. LEDVANCE values tradition while at the same time looking into the future: the company can draw on a 100-year heritage, reinforcing its position as a leading manufacturer of lamps and luminaires who’s mission is to bring light to the people.

For us, this means delivering maximum performance for our customers and trying to achieve the extraordinary. The name LEDVANCE itself is a combination of “LED” and “Advance”. “LED” refers to the core lighting business and the future of lighting technology. “ADVANCE” stands for progress and the company’s ambition to take a leading role in the future of light.

Strong brands for success in various markets

In the USA and Canada, the renowned and well-established brand SYLVANIA is used across all product categories. In addition, LEDVANCE has the right to use the OSRAM brand.

In the fields of smart home and LED luminaires, all consumer products will be sold under the OSRAM brand name in the short term. When we have completed our re-branding program in these segments LEDVANCE will also be used as a product brand.

We will use the product brand LEDVANCE right away for LED luminaires which are sold wholesale to our professional customers such as architects and craftsmen. To support this business, LEDVANCE may use the brand OSRAM as a complementary brand for the next few years.