IDV GmbH has been using the brand MEGAMAN® since 1994 to exclusively sell energy saving lamps and luminaires, recessed luminaires, and, since 2009, also reflectors and LED lamps. Thanks to its high degree of innovation, MEGAMAN® has become the global leader in energy saving lamps. Next to Osram and Philips, MEGAMAN® is one of Germany’s leading brands for energy saving lamps.

MEGAMAN® exclusively sells LEDs and other energy-efficient lighting products. Including all wattages and socket options, MEGAMAN® offers more than 400 different products.

This includes many special articles (e.g. dimmable energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient reflectors, and energy-efficient compact reflectors) offered by no other manufacturers. Virtually all light bulbs and many halogen lamps can be replaced by environmentally-friendly MEGAMAN® energy saving lamps.

Within as little as 20 years, the energy saving lamp has evolved from what looked like an oddly-shaped glowing preserve jar to a high-tech product. MEGAMAN® has contributed greatly to the optimization of energy saving lamps for the past few years and is now doing so in the case of LEDs. One of our next goals is to develop the most environmentally-friendly energy saving lamp. Today, MEGAMAN® has already replaced liquid mercury with solid amalgam for its entire product range.

Claims that LEDs are the only light source of the future are empty rhetoric. What counts is finding the best technology for the respective application. Depending on the application, in most cases these are LEDs, energy-saving lamps, and fluorescent tubes.