Conducting electricity. Routing data. Controlling energy.
Discover what drives our company. How we combine our excellent products to create innovative systems. How our networked solutions provide the electrical infrastructure for buildings in all kinds of projects around the world.

OBO – Our brand name speaks for itself

There was no doubt about it up to 1952: In order to put a plug or anchor into a wall, you first had to drill a hole. Nobody questioned that this is the way it works. Only one OBO engineer was not satisfied. He developed a metal anchor that could be hammered directly into a wall.

From this day forward, our pioneer spirit had a name: “OBO – ohne Bohren” (OBO – no drilling). It was an advancement which made work far easier for the tradesmen of the day.

More than a century has passed since then. But OBO’s pioneer spirit has remained: Our engineers are still constantly working on new products, and are improving existing ones to make them easier and therefore more efficient to use. OBO is our trademark. OBO represents our aspiration to never stop asking ourselves how we can further improve our products.