Signify, founded in Eindhoven under the name of Philips, has been known for leading innovations for more than 120 years. A deep understanding of how light has a positive impact on people and comprehensive technological expertise makes Signify with its brand Philips the world’s leading supplier of lighting products.

Signify supplies business customers and consumers with everything from LEDs to conventional lighting products and systems – including luminares for indoor and outdoor use, lamps, lighting electronics, and lighting controls. The brand Philips offers the optimal solution for any room. Using the right lighting can not only increase productivity, but also save energy and boost efficiency.

Through its products, the brand Philips creates lighting systems which improve people’s lives and open new fields of business for users. With its ground-breaking new developments in the area of top-quality efficient LED lighting, the brand Philips provides best light for public buildings, workspaces, and homes.