Ambassadors for safety – Complete solutions for safe automation
Faster, more flexible, safer – the level of automation on plant and machinery continues to advance in all industries with these objectives in mind. This places new demands on production systems. As a complete safe automation supplier, Pilz is a company whose name is synonymous worldwide with safety for man, machine and the environment, providing automation solutions for all industries.

Safety for the environment too Safety for man, machine and the environment – this is a motto that Pilz, the complete supplier for safe automation, wants to embrace with its products and solutions; but that’s not all, it also wants to act accordingly So the issue of environmental protection is firmly anchored in its corporate objectives: from the development of energysaving products to the ecological design of buildings through to environmentally-aware work practices. Converting from lead-based to lead-free solder, installing a photovoltaic plant or reducing lighting in production are all measures that help to relieve the environment. “As ambassadors for safety our aim is to improve the safety of man and machine worldwide”, says Susanne Kunschert, summarising her company’s mission. “That includes the environment in which we live and work.”

Beyond its Ostfildern site Pilz also supports users worldwide with 42 subsidiaries, providing sales and engineering services directly on site. Globally over 2,500 staff apply their knowledge in the service of safe automation, to ensure it becomes established in new markets too.