rutec Licht GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturer in the market segments of downlights and LED strips in Germany. rutec was founded on 1 September 1990 by Manfred Rullhusen, Birthe Eikmeier and Holger Rullhusen and is still a family business.

As exclusive agent of KANDOlite Halogen lamps in Germany rutec took advantage of the booming halogen light market in the early 1990s. In the mid-90s, rutec added down lights to its product range. Today, we are the one of the leading suppliers in this market segment.

In today’s booming LED market we offer a specialized and innovative range of LED downlights and led strips including profiles and controlling systems. LED Strips have become our second major focus.

Our committed team of employees and representatives across Germany ensure quick and competent service for our customers. A sufficient stock of goods in our warehouses in Syke allow us us to ship our products very quickly. High product quality, great service, and a clear sales concept, reliable pricing and a three-stage distribution are our philosophy and secret of success.