Trio, a story of light.

Our success story begins in 1991. Bernd Müller and two other partners established the company Trio Leuchten in the German town Arnsberg-Hüsten with ten employees. The subsidiary Reality GmbH was founded in 1995. This step provided the company with additional options, such as direct imports, making it more competitive. In 1996, the company relocated to Arnsberg-Niederreimer, where it is still located today. The new location offered superior storage capacity with enough space for 5,000 palettes.

An important step in Trio’s company history was taken in 2004: a new company building was constructed, including a new administrative wing, a showroom and a high-bay warehouse that offers enough space for 18,000 pallets. In 2006, Trio Leuchten GmbH was sold to Partners in Lighting International (PLI), which, in turn, was bought by Philips one year later. In late 2010, Trio Leuchten was bought back to 100% by Bernd Müller. Founding Trio-International in 2011 was the first step towards Trio’s internationalization within Europe.