MAICO – Ventilation System SW 160 Flat

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2016-05-10 03:10 pm

Highly efficient central heat recovery devices in five different variants

High performance, energy efficiency and its compact design make MAICOs new WS 160 Flat a great ventilation system, which is ideal for space-saving ceiling installations. The sophisticated EC fans (exclusively made in Germany), which MAICO uses for the system, prove that power and energy-efficiency are not a contradiction but can be a great team in central heat recovery systems.

With its patented air distribution process, which enables comfortable zone ventilation, the new member of MAICOs proven WS family stands for state-of-the-art ventilation technology and maximum flexibility. This product makes it extremely easy to provide ventilation for flats and houses with up to 140 m² – with regards to handling as well as planning and mounting.

Due to its exceptionally flat design (23 cm), electricians and planners can install this highly space-saving device in any position. It can be mounted directly below the roof, into ceilings or walls and both in a vertical or a horizontal position: Thanks to its sophisticated enthalpy heat exchanger, the device can be integrated into the buildings architecture and mounted without having to calculate angles. There are three ways to mount the device to the ceiling: with the help of threaded rods, with mounting brackets, or using vibration dampers for acoustic decoupling.

Another benefit: The WS 160 Flat can be intelligently configured, controlled and monitored via MAICOs app / web tool air@home. Users can query its status anytime with the app and electricians can service the WS 160 Flat from a distance with the help of the web tool, which enables them to detect malfunctions early on. The four sensors (three temperature sensors and one combined sensor) let consumers query and save all kinds of detailed information – even when they are out of the house.

Great air quality all year round: To the benefit of the environment and your walled the WS 160 Flat offers an ECO mode (Summer circuit), which means that it is operated by the exhaust-air unit – reducing the operating energy input by up to 50%. Since an enthalpy heat exchanger is one of its standard features, the device’s angle of inclination no longer needs to be considered and no pipe installation for the condense outlet is required, which enables efficient moisture recovery in the winter.

The integrated F7 filter (with a large filter area and low pressure loss) not only increases the device’s service life and lowers its power consumption, but even creates an exceptional climate for anyone suffering from allergies so that they can feel comfortable within their homes throughout the year.

The product is available with the touchscreen interface RLS T1 WS. Ask one of our specialists for more information about this new product family.