Modern ventilation solutions for intelligent homes

2017-09-26 09:07 am

The mutual aim of all home owners, housing societies and tenants is to feel most comfortable at home. MAICO is now offering an intelligent possibility to integrate the ventilation easily in a smart home network which can simply be controlled via smart phone or tablet. With this solution the best interior climate can be achieved.

MAICO provides the perfect interior climate in a smart way

  • MAICO small fan© MAICO: small fan ECA 100 ipro RC/ RCH

MAICO offers its customers the possibility to integrate their air-conditioning systems into a smart home network (e.g. together with heating, lighting and sunblinds) by a wibutler System and to control it easily via smart phone or tablet. The most important thing: no wiring is necessary! The network operates exclusively with wireless technology.

The wibutler system is an intelligent home server which communicates with the MAICO ventilation unit ECA 100 ipro RC/RCH and/or ER 100 RC via EnOcean wireless technology. It consists of a single fan or a couple of fans like in MAICOsmart. The MAICO ventilation units are connected via wibutler with units of other manufacturers forming a network for home automation. Wibutler combines different wireless technologies (EnOcean, zigbee, Zwave, wifi, Bluetooth) of different manufacturers without any problems.

  • MAICO automatisation control app© MAICO: automatisation control app

The installer programs the wibutler-compatible ventilation units and thus the end user is able to control the ventilation via App without any problems. The intelligent user administration allows the configuration of 3 user accounts: basic user, administrator and external administrator. By this the ventilation unit can be checked, adjusted and remote-maintenanced according to each user group. The App is available for Android and iOS.

Another extraordinary feature is to document the connection of the fans with other building components being part of the network. Furthermore a statement of the energy consumption can be created.


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