Data Communications & Networking Technology

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The days when telephones were the only connection to the world are long gone; today the Internet and an increasing interconnection are our constant companion. How about the network within your household? Is it sufficient to enhance your existing data network or is it necessary to establish a new one? From conventional copper cables and advanced glass-fiber technology to the installation of network cabinets and components – a good overview of an efficient information and telecommunication network makes sense. Optical fiber technology in particular is an investment in the future. Irrespective of the bandwidth that will be required from your network at some point, you can react quickly and decisively.

Careful planning as well as consistent implementation and testing of the network topology are crucial for a successful implementation. As your professional partner, we offer you a comprehensive range of products for active and passive networks by leading manufacturers.

Structured network planning requires structured electrical wiring for all communication purposes, such as PC, telephone, voice over IP, Internet. Reliability is a major factor, since trouble shooting can be extremely time-consuming when working with complex wiring. This is why the products must be selected with regards to accuracy, tolerance, fit, and stability. Most sustainable local networks are Ethernet systems with a bandwidth of one Gigabit per second.