Electrical Installation

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It is a common misconception that electrical installation is only about wiring and the installation of wall sockets. In reality there is a lot more to it: in order for a household or corporate building to have a safe and efficient power supply, the project needs to be planned carefully and professionally. Many security measures and regulations need to be taken into consideration. The work of electrical installation professionals includes wiring, installation of distribution frames, overcurrent protection systems, fault-current circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, lights, electrical equipment and appliances, sensors, motion detectors, photoelectric lighting controllers, switches, momentary-contact actuators, and wall sockets.

Tailored electrical installation for all purposes

In times of rapidly rising energy prices, we need to find economical ways to use our resources – not only in order to take responsibility for the environment, but also from an ecological point of view. Operating costs are increasing substantially, thus becoming increasingly more significant than the initial construction costs of a building. Long-term planning that includes high-quality electrical installation in a new building or in a renovation project can pay off on a large scale later on.

You can waste a lot of money on operating costs – or you can be smart and save money without cutting back on comfort and convenience. Especially the commercial sector often holds substantial cost-saving potential. This is not only true for efficient space heating, but also for cost-efficient lighting.

The requirements for electrical technology in office buildings, selling spaces, workshops, and factory buildings are diverse. It is important to consider building functions and to ensure comfort and safety. The installed systems should be economically and ecologically sustainable and flexible – in addition, they need to be suitable for the purpose and have a long service life – in many cases, they also a matter of prestige.

Electrical Installation