Ventilation, heating and air-conditioning technology – Energy efficiency in your home

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Comfortable atmosphere – intelligent heating, cooling and ventilation of housing space

Individual solutions for each home – no matter whether new or old building

Nowadays people spend most of their time inside a building therefore the interior climate is an important factor. Modern ventilation, heating and air-conditioning technologies control temperature, air humidity and air quality which is responsible for a comfortable atmosphere in your own home.

Heat pumps generate free-of-charge energy out of water, earth or air and use it for heating and hot water supply. Divided air-conditioning units are small air-conditioning systems which consist of an interior and exterior unit. Both units work together to supply the home with cool and filtered air.

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  • Save energy costs
  • CO2 reduction due to modern devices
  • Better comfort in everyday life
  • Mobile remote control
  • Increase in real estate value

State-of-the-art ventilation, heating and air-conditioning technologies almost operate on their own

Comfort and saving by intelligent control

One target of intelligent control of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning technologies is to increase the interior climate in the warm and cold season and to save heat energy. Some systems offer the possibility via the location of the smart phone to automatically determine whether a person is at home or not and thus to guarantee a comfortable and energy-saving operation of the devices.

A corresponding App enables remote control and query of current parameters of each room. Furthermore temperature and time profiles for all rooms can be preset. Some systems offer the possibility of a weather-supported component control which enables to react to climatic changes in advance.

The forecast of energy-saving e.g. by the use of an intelligent control is up to 31 % according to manufacturers’ instructions.



Subsidized energetic modernization – this is how it works:

KFW-support: Overview of all subsidies and benefits

Everyone who is going to build a house can apply for benefits. You can get these subsidies from KFW or BAFA.

But not only for new homes property owners can get cheap credits, benefits are granted also for the energetic restoration of existing homes and for the exchange of old heatings. Besides of the classic credits, subsidies from the state budget are available and thus enable to install modern heating and air-conditioning technologies.

In Germany there is a variety of subsidies for new homes and the modernization of homes and other buildings.

Which products are supported by a KFW subsidy? Here is an overview of several products and their benefits.

subsidies  for new and existing homes

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