Industrial Electrics & Electronics

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No matter if we are talking about drive technology or automation technology: the goal is to ensure the highest possible productivity – at the lowest possible energy expenditure. We offer intelligent answers as to how these requirements can be met. We provide you with all you need when it comes to electrical engineering and technology. Perfectly matched products that not only set standards, but also greatly improve energy-efficiency. When it comes to efficient pumping, degassing, compression, precise movement, processing, or treatment you can find frequency converters, soft start units, interference eliminators, and other accessories.

The industry still holds enormous untapped potential. With the help of intelligent adjustable-speed drives as well as energy-efficient motors and pumps, it is possible to save a lot of power. This grants an advantage in the market and helps protect the environment.

Tapping into this energy saving potential can make a substantial difference in the industrial sector. Due to the constantly rising electricity prices, investments in energy efficiency have a short payback period. Installing a frequency converter can pay off within as little as six months by decreasing energy consumption by 50%. Central lighting and ventilation controls in an office building with about 2,500 m2 (27,000 ft2) of floor space can reduce energy consumption by 72% thus paying off after 22 months.

Smooth industrial communication leads to more efficiency in the entire company. We offer excellent components based on well proven standards. Our comprehensive product range lets you implement high-performance data networks, which meet highest requirements. Whether we are talking about simply installing a sensor, or if the goal is to collect and transmit the entire quality and production data of a factory – our comprehensive solutions for industrial communication allow the efficient integration of all business segments.

Solving automation tasks quickly and creating more space in the switch cabinet – intelligent products are the way to do it. This includes solutions for actuating and controlling tasks as well as flexible systems for applications in the industrial sector and craft businesses. The man machine interface (MMI) enables operators to control machines, but also to monitor plant conditions and to influence processes.

We offer everything you need for efficient measuring and controlling. For instance, the right combination of sensor, actuator, and controller can save you a lot of money. Our comprehensive solutions meet the rising demand for space-saving controls which, in addition to PLC tasks, also communicate with (sub)systems on different levels of the hierarchy. It is also important to protect the I&C devices in direct proximity. We provide precise solutions for this issue.

Industrial Electrics & Electronics