Photovoltaics & Solar Technology

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It is common knowledge what enormous amounts of energy sunlight holds. However, it was only a few decades ago that we discovered how to use it as an inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly power source. The fundamental element of this technology are solar modules consisting of many interconnected silicon cells. These modules extract power from the rays of the sun.

The many possible applications of solar technology

Generating electricity in an environmentally-friendly way and feeding it into the grid is just one possible application of solar energy. Due to their increasing economic efficiency, photovoltaic systems can also provide electricity for remote villages, medical facilities in developing countries, holiday homes, as well as garden houses and sheds. Among the applications of these systems are also telecommunication, traffic monitoring, and disaster control. Of course, solar power plants are also a major field of application.

Energy consumption

The more electricity from solar installations is used by the owners themselves, the higher their rate of return. The percentage of electricity that you use yourself can be optimized to 60% with the help of specialized products that control consumption. Rising power prices affect you less if you produce power of your own. Another advantage is that private solar energy production takes some load off the national energy grid, since solar energy production and consumption are balanced directly within the building.

Photovoltaics & Solar Technology