PUSHPULL 45 from MAICO – For everybody who expect more than just ventilation

2017-06-07 09:18 am

PushPull 45 reliably provides a perfect balanced interior climate and also has many practical advantages. The innovative ventilation solution with its intelligent technology makes a personal wellness area out of every home – with fresh and healthy ambient air, which tremendously increases the quality of life!


Single room ventilation unit with heat recovery

The new local single room ventilation unit PushPull 45 is especially suitable for the use in detached houses and apartments and can easily and quickly be installed without any piping. Furthermore no adjustment and also no condensation drainage is necessary. Only a 160 mm core hole drilling in the wall is necessary for the installation.

The extremely silent operation of PushPull 45 enables the unit to be used in living rooms and bedrooms without disturbing people.

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The ventilation procedure of PushPull 45 is based on a changing supply air and exhaust air operation of two communicating units. The unit in exhaust air operation is transferring used and humid air out of the room. The existing energy from the exhaust air is stored in a ceramic heat exchanger. Via this ceramic heat exchanger the unit in supply air operation is at the same time transferring fresh and pre-heated air into the room. After approx. 60 seconds the units are changing their modes. The communicating unit can be installed in the same room or in an adjoining room.

PushPull 45 is equipped with economical direct current motors which work extremely energy-efficient and offer a heat recovery rate of more than 83 %.

PushPull 45 is the only unit of its category with a manual or electrical flap.

Different versions

PushPull 45 can be offered in different versions: a low-priced object version, a comfort version and a version with wireless technology to minimize the installation work. Thus you can choose the suitable unit for any requirements.

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The object version PP 45 O with control unit RLS 45 O is equipped with a push button with LED display. The inner flap is permanently open, but can be closed manually when the ventilation is switched off.

The comfort version PP 45 K with control unit RLS 45 K is also equipped with an LED push button and offers more features for better ventilation comfort. If necessary, the electrical inner flap can easily be closed with the control unit to switch off the ventilation.

The version with wireless technology PP 45 RC with control unit DS 45 RC is most suitable for renovations because no wiring is necessary from the control system to the units. The electrical inner flap can be closed with the control unit to switch off the ventilation.


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