TRIANO disc – the new LED high-bay luminaire from SCHUCH: Extremely durable, highly efficient and surprisingly low-priced

© Adolf Schuch GmbH
2021-02-09 12:01 am

TRIANO disc- SCHUCH quality at a surprisingly low-price

Unmistakable design and the best SCHUCH quality “Made in Germany” – this is how the new, price-optimized high bay light fittings of the TRIANO disc series present themselves.100,000 hours life time, luminous efficacy  up to 161 lm/W and the comfortable  mounting (1-point suspension + FastConnect) speak for themselves.

Quality which is emphasised by a guarantee of 5 years.

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That’s impossible! SCHUCH quality at this price?
Extremely durable, highly efficient and surprisingly low-priced

  • TRIANO disc© Adolf Schuch GmbH: Image area 1: The new generation of LED high-bay light fittings TRIANO disc from SCHUCH (Series 3410, 3420, 3430) Image area 2: Excellent thermal management through the unique cooling fin system (TRIANO disc 3430)

Like all luminaires of the TRIANO family, the new generation of LED high-bay light fittings is designed for a long service life. The unique cooling fin system of the flat die-cast aluminum housing makes a significant contribution to this. Each individual LED segment (1-3 pieces, depending on the variant) is completely enclosed by cooling fins. This creates a large cooling surface with optimal heat dissipation and, in addition, very good convection. The best prerequisites for the long service life of L80> 100,000 hours (+ 25°C) and reliable functionality, even at higher temperatures.
The strikingly designed TRIANO disc can also convince from an economic point of view. The excellent luminous efficacy of up to 161 lm/W leads to high energy cost savings and short payback times.
In addition, thanks to the 1-point suspension and FastConnect plug connection, it scores with easy installation and commissioning. With luminous flux values of 10,000 – 30,000 lm, the TRIANO disc offers the right size for every hall and, with a color rendering of Ra> 80 according to the workplace guidelines, is suitable for almost all business premises. It can also be used in rooms with an increased risk of fire. The additional temperature switch provides extra safety.
High quality and a low price are not mutually exclusive and are emphasised by a guarantee of five years.


TRIANO disc – Perfect light for every workspace

Type Power consumption [W] Luminous flux [lm] Light output [lm/W]
3410 L100 D 65 10.000 154
3410 L100B D 65 10.000 154
3420 L200 D 112 18.000 161
3420 L200B D 112 18.000 161
3420 L200TB D 112 18.000 161
3430 L300 D 195 30.000 154
3430 L300B D 195 30.000 154
3430 L300TB D 195 30.000 154
3430 L300T D 195 30.000 154

Convince youself


TRIANO disc – the new LED high-bay light fitting from SCHUCH

There is no alternative to quality

  • TRIANO disc© Adolf Schuch GmbH
  • service life L80 > 100,000 hours (+ 25 °C) or L70 > 70,000 hours (up to + 45/50 °C)
  • luminous efficacy up to 161 lm/W
  • Excellent thermal management
  • suitable for rooms with increased fire risk
  • high energy cost savings
  • short amortisation period
  • no single use light fitting
  • unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • quick mounting due to 1-point suspension and comfortable FastConnect quick-connector
  • 3 sizes – many options
  • Made in Germany


  • D-Sign
  • protection class 1
  • IP 65

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