SIRIUS Industrial Controls by Siemens: Fast, reliable, safe and flexible

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2018-07-10 12:03 am

Is there still potential for optimizing switching devices for control panels? How easy is it to achieve a tidy and structured control panel layout?

No matter what your requirements are, SIRIUS means always having the right switching devices that can be easily combined with the other components in the control panel, and that in a uniform design. The result: a neat and tidy, clearly structured control panel with well-conceived products of the highest technical standard.

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SIRIUS – a state-of-the-art system with a modern design

© Siemens AG: A question of the right combination - with the SIRIUS Modular System

SIRIUS industrial controls from Siemens represent the largest portfolio of modular devices available on the market for switching, protecting, starting and monitoring motors and other loads. All the products in the SIRIUS modular system (such as motor starter protectors, contactors, relays or soft starters – to name but a few) are ideally matched with one another, which means they can be combined extremely flexibly. Space requirements in the control panel and new market requirements are always issues. The latest innovations in the modular system therefore offer even more functions within the same space, fulfill the new market demand for IE3/IE4 compatibility, and have over 50,000 combination tests and approvals to make standard applications easier for the customer.

  • systematic control panel© Siemens AG: Systematic control panel engineering for worldwide use – where all the devices have a uniform design and are perfectly matched.

SIRIUS industrial controls all have a uniform, modern design, and are therefore not only functionally coordinated but also give your control panel a tidy, attractive appearance. Further highlights include the consistently implemented spring-type connection system and the innovative infeed system for supplying groups of load feeders that can be assembled without tools.

Are you skeptical about using spring-type terminals in a control panel?

Do they have the same reliability as screw terminals?

© Siemens AG: SIRIUS spring loaded connection - strong, flexible, safe, fast!

Combined with the 3RV29 infeed system, the SIRIUS spring-type connection system is the perfect answer to growing pressure to save time in control panel assembly, testing and commissioning, and hence reduce overhead and time to market.

The Siemens spring-type connection system is strong, flexible, safe and fast, ensuring a high level of functional reliability even when subjected to temperature fluctuations or vibrations. For example, there are no screws to be retightened after transporting the control panel. After assembly, the cables fit securely and tightly in the spring-type terminals. The spring-type connection system is extremely flexible no matter whether the cable is stranded or solid-core, with or without end sleeves. The link modules enable the feeders to be simply and securely mounted by plugging together the spring-type connection system. The 3RV29 infeed system can be mounted without any tools, and allows the incoming power supply to feeders to be implemented without additional wiring effort (sizes S0 and S00 up to 18.5 kW). Simply clip the feeder onto the back plate and plug it into the enclosed 3-phase busbar with the relevant connector.

  • © Siemens AG: Spring-type connection system – firmly secured cables for reliable operation.

This system can be expanded with the corresponding expansion components. If a feeder has to be replaced, it can be easily removed without tools, and replaced without shutting down or disassembling the entire group.

SIRIUS is setting new standards with intelligent products, a modern spring-type connection system and an innovative infeed system

  • SIRIUS Industrial Controls by Siemens© Siemens AG
  • Spring-type connection system in both the control circuit and main circuit (sizes S00 and S0 up to 18.5kW)
  • Spring-type devices at the same price as screw-type devices
  • Assemble load feeders quickly and reliably using link modules, eliminating time-consuming cable preparation and labelling.
  • The use of plug-in connectors and link modules also eliminate wiring errors (simplifying testing and commissioning), reduce panel space requirements and cable trunking capacity (reducing overall panel size and cost), as well as providing reliable connections during operation and rapid replacement of feeders at end of service life (reducing maintenance costs and downtime) 
  • The 3RV29 infeed system with spring-type terminals supplies power to feeders in SIRIUS frame sizes S00 and S0 up to 18.5 kW, without requiring tools or additional wiring effort.


© Siemens AG: Load feeders with infeed system – quickly assembled

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