Safety & Security Technology

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Security requirements for buildings are as diverse as the people who live in them. This is why our systems offer various features, e.g. access control, video surveillance, and burglar alarm. A seamless integration into existing building automation and fire protection systems is also important.

Wireless alarm system, a hard-wire system, video surveillance, or access control? Whether you opt for wireless or a hard-wire system is essential when choosing an alarm system. Wireless retrofitting is simple. We make the world a little bit safer for you – even without wires. These systems are interesting for private households, businesses, and industrial facilities. Which of the numerous applications are suitable for you depends on your security requirements toward video surveillance, alarm system, fire alarm system, security technology, access control, time tracking, telephone system, protection against forced entry, and locking system.

Reliable security technology is becoming increasingly more important both in companies and for private households. Whenever objects of high value need to be protected against theft, an effective burglar protection is required.

Smoke detectors and burglar protection save lives. Your safety is the number one priority – not only in a business environment, but also in private households. In countries which legally require the installation of smoke detectors – e.g. The USA, where 93% of all households have at least one smoke detector – the number of deaths caused by smoke inhalation has decreased by 50%. In Germany, a total of 200,000 fires occur per year. The consequences are severe: roughly 400 deaths, more than 4,000 people injured with long-term consequences, and approximately one billion euros of damage caused by fires in private households. Therefore smoke detectors in flats have been made mandatory by most states of Germany. Since building legislation is a federal issue, legal requirements differ from state to state – especially when it comes to transitional regulations for existing flats. The most comprehensive law can be found in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is not regulated in the legal category “flats” of the state’s building code, but in the category “fire safety”, which means that it also applies to care facilities, hotels, and kindergartens that have a sleeping area.

Safety & Security Technology