Light & Luminaires

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Beauty for the nights – and the days

In many places, bright light is important for living and working – in flats and houses, offices and conference rooms, workshops and manufacturing areas, shops and showrooms. Not only is a minimal light intensity often mandatory. Light also adds to a positive atmosphere and increases our wellbeing, motivates us while we are working, or makes your customers more eager to buy your products. But you should also consider saving natural resources and expenses in this area. Modern lamps and light management systems are generally more efficient – without being less luminous. The contrary is the case: New technologies, such as LEDs, even offer increased light intensity. Calculate to determine your advantage – and let your company shine in new, energy-efficient splendor!

It pays off to invest in new lamps even if they are be a bit more expensive initially, since the savings for small offices with less than 40 m2 (430 ft2) can quickly sum up to several hundred Euros. This way, investing in energy-efficient lamps and luminaires pays off after only a few years. The quality enhancement due to better lighting quality is a free bonus.

Light management holds even more potential. A lighting system that is both comfortable and energy-efficient and which ensures optimal lighting at any time requires a professional light management system: from automated daylight-linked programs and lighting scenes that can be activated by simply pushing a button to dynamic lighting solutions.

With the proper light, you can also set important highlights outside the building. Not only does this provide additional security, it also creates a special atmosphere. Emphasize the architectural details of the building or the outdoor area. Light up the paths for those walking them in the dark. Put your facilities in a good light – literally. Modern control technology and economical light sources, such as LEDs, provide you with numerous energy-efficient possibilities. Sustainable technologies need to be implemented in a way that also meets high ecological requirements. LED technology leads the way in this respect – not only when it comes to performance, but also in view of design and energy efficiency.

Light & Luminaires